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For souls who want more of life and want to be aligned with their inner power to create the life, they were always destined to live.

We will work closely together for 8, 16 or 24 weeks, to get you out of potential
Self-Sabotaging tendencies, so you can step into your Authenticity to embody who you are meant to be, live your Human Design and align into an abundant and fulfilling life.


This 1:1 work is for you, if...

You find yourself repeating patterns which don't allow you to get to the next level and just make you feel stuck and lost.

You have a desire for more in life, more abundance, more fulfilling and aligned relationships, more calmness and ease.

You want to level up in your spiritual journey and or general in life.

You want to quit your job and start your own business but you are too afraid and/or don't know where to start.

You are going through an awakening and don't know how to move through it without guidance.

Welcome, beautiful soul!
Let's walk this path together.

During this work together we will discover How to...

  • Get out of Survival Mode

  • Restore your Nervous System

  • Heal your unique core wounds

  • Deprogram your stored beliefs

  • Foster deeper Levels of Awareness & Self Trust

  • Manifest correctly based on your unique Design

  • Become your most Aligned & Authentic Self yet

... and more!

This is a highly customoized path we take on together.

You can choose if you want to go for 8 weeks or for 16 or 24 weeks, to have longer support from my side to continuously deprogram your subconscious beliefs & have help in energetically understanding & navigating everything else coming up after the deep deprogramming work in the first 8 weeks.

During the 8 weeks 1:1 Mentorship we will be able to deprogram 1-2 Core wounds.

During the 16 weeks 1:1 Mentorship, we will continue the deprogramming work as well as reinforce the new beliefs & go deeper into discovering potential other core wounds & continuously work on upcoming challenges in your life.

During the 24 weeks 1:1 Mentorship we will go down even deeper, we will discuss potential new circumstances in your life & how to handle them, what they mean energetically etc. & continuously work on upcoming challenges in your life.
You can also start with 8 weeks & after that we can both discuss if it makes sense to go deeper & therefore longer into this work together.

Below I go deeper into explaining what will happen in the first 8 weeks reagrdles of which option you choose.

Aligned AF - Self Mastery

Over these 8, 16, or 24 Weeks together, you'll be guided through the basics of the Conscious & Subconscious Mind, Survival Mode, Manifestation & what it means to get back into Alignment & how to do all of it based on your unique Human Design.

Restoring the Nervous System: Week 1-4
(or longer, depending on your unique circumstances)

We are getting into understanding the Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind, Survival Mode & how to restore the Nervous System. We'll start identifying & decoding your unique roadblocks & start to deprogram them. We are also getting into Shadow Work to start working on deeper, energetic blocks.

Filling the Void through Manifesting: Week 4- 8

We are getting into understanding manifestation & what pillars all need to be part of manifestation work. We are also opening up our Throat Chakra to prepare us for the manifesting part in this work. We are getting into how YOU specifically manifest based on your Human Design. With uniquely tailored recordings you continue to deprogram the subconscious & plant new seeds in alignment with your authentic self.

What You'll receive:

8, 12-16 or 20-24 x 60-90 min. Mentorship Calls via Zoom

These mentorship sessions will hold the core
of our work together. You'll receive wisdom teachings, tools to implement, spiritual as well as scientific techniques to go deeper into the work, Q&A's, potential channeled messages to keep us on track, and more as we journey down the path of Authenticity and Self-Mastery.
These are highly valuable, information-rich sessions, which will give you the knowledge, tools, and activations you need to awaken your power and step into the person you are meant to be.

Value = +3000, +6000 or +10000$

zoom smiley face für website.png

Several Hypnosis Recordings

These different Hypnosis Recordings are uniquely tailored to your conditionings and your Human Design, to restore the Nervous System and help establish new Beliefs which are more aligned with where YOU want to go and who YOU want to be.

Value = 2500 - 3500$

Mindset Shift & Regained Worth

This work will help to identify & decode your Roadblocks, so we understand what exactly it is that is holding you back from stepping into YOUR Authenticity. This will automatically raise your Self-Worth and bring in Emotional Balance, which by default results in a Mindset Shift.

Value = Priceless


I will be available via Whatsapp or Telegram to you, for any questions you might have in between the calls.

Value = Priceless

... and you'll have life-long access to all of it!





Also included in all Mentorships:
Free General Human Design Reading (Value 220$)
Included in 16 & 24 weeks:
Free General HD Reading & Business HD Reading (Value 442$)

8 weeks: 2420$
16 weeks: 4400$
24 weeks: 6600$

Payment Plan

Reach out for different Payment Plan Options


Her guidance sisterhood, friendship, mentorship, has skyrocketed my transformation

[…] I knew I was tired of continuing on by myself. Figuring it all out by myself. I got tired of the same circles. […] While I see virtual mentors as priceless.
I needed something/someone a bit closer to reality for me. I saw glimpses of myself in Gianna
A woman who has lived many lives like myself. In this life and before. A writer. to admire and look up to. Someone that explained to me how my human is designed. Laid it all out to me, to see me and embrace how I do my thang.
Something in my sacral knew she was it. And still, I held off at the first confirmation. I was sold at first sight to be ALIGNED AF and I thought, well this is just too much $$ for me.
But I did it anyway. And I didn’t even know how I was going to pay her but Spirit had spoken. […]
And after our months together, of doing this work together. Grinding it out. I come out on the other side anew. Reborn.
I don’t know how to write her a review that gets her to sell more mentorship’s. What I do know, is my personal testimony. that her guidance, sisterhood, friendship, mentorship has skyrocketed my transformation.
[…] the way Gianna leads with her heart and intuition is something that was missing in my equation. I am grateful for her sisterhood. No nonsense. No bullshit.
Having someone in this physical realm, someone I can look up to… Has been a game changer. THANK YOU. From the deepest parts of me. I recognize myself. And you are a light in my path. Ase Gianna
I recognize the core wounds. That have been there from the beginning. Had convinced myself that it wasn’t that bad and it was blocking me from moving forward. Unblocking that essential first core wound, has been the game changer I wouldn’t have seen it all by myself.

- Dani, New York

I had such an amazing Aligned AF

It helped me heal from traumas that I never dealt with. It helped me go back to being the same happy go lucky person that i had always been. It allowed me to be open minded and try things that I normally wouldn't. Thanks to you I am the happiest that I've been in a long time. I want you to know that I appreciate what you do.

I know i still have more to work on but I really recommend it to everyone.

- Nancy, Los Angeles

The Aligned AF session with Gianna was incredible!

She pointed out behaviors and patterns I had been repeating over and over and helped me find a way to break them. After the session, I felt at ease and could heal from some of the trauma I've been carrying. Looking forward to another session with her.

- Mafalda, Lisbon

Get to know me & my story


I'm so excited for you to be here!
I can't wait to get to know you and step on this path with you.

For me to get to this point of wanting to understand what it is that is holding me back for my entire life, to understand what it is that I want and how to get there stems from an adolescence of total intimidation by my classmates and absolutely disregarding my gifts and powers, I was so aware of as a child.

I learned that my psychicgifts were weird and had no place in this society. I started to mistrust myself and did everything so I would belong. Which was not really successful because that meant making me smaller and smaller which led me to put on a mask and pretend to be someone I was not.

This continued for about a decade until I went through a traumatizing break up which threw me off that misaligned path for good and helped me to discover how much toxic societal, ancestral and karmic conditioning hold us back from embodying our true authenticity.

This was in 2017 - I then went on a journey to deprogram my subconscious which was so contaminated by all the things I thought I need to be and do.

With many different teachings, courses, workshops, trainings... I made it to the path I am on now, where I can gratefully say that I rid myself of the biggest blocks which kept me from embodying the person I always wanted to be. The person that now wants to help others to deprogram these layers of conditionings themselves to step into their full authenticity.

This is why I created this Aligned AF Self Mastery Container for souls just like you, to activate your next level to become the best version of yourself yet. In under one year - during a pandemic! - I fully came out of my shell and built up a business for myself which is continuously growing. With this container I want you to know what it’s like to step unto that same level of authenticity and freedom.

I feel so grateful and blessed to be where I am today but the process would've been so much faster & easier if I had hands-on support and guidance along the way.

And that is exactly what I am here to do for YOU.

It's time you reclaim your power, peel back these layers, and emerge into the person you always wanted to be.

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