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 into my world and discover the heart and soul poured into every page of this book.

Within these lines, you'll find my journey laid bare — a journey of self-love, self-development, and the profound healing of womanhood. Each poem is a piece of my essence, accompanied by illustrations born from my own photography work, adding layers of depth to the emotions captured within.

Written over three transformative years, these words became my solace during the tumultuous times of quarantine in 2020. They reflect my path back to myself after enduring a painful breakup and confronting other traumas, offering glimpses into my deepest thoughts and emotions.

As you turn the pages, I invite you to join me on this intimate exploration of resilience and renewal. See the world through my eyes, feel the echoes of my experiences, and perhaps find echoes of your own journey reflected in these verses.

This book is more than just words on paper — it's a vessel of connection, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the transformative power of self-expression. I poured my heart into every poem, and now I offer them to you, with the hope that they may touch your soul as deeply as they have touched mine.

Embrace the magic of these pages and let them illuminate your path to self-discovery. Purchase your copy today and embark on a journey of healing and empowerment, guided by the poetry of the heart.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of resilience and the power of the written word.

With gratitude,


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