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Journey back home
Retreat in Egypt

October 10-22 2023
Join an unforgettable experience in the lands where it all began
Back in history - back in time


A Journey back home & back to self. While traveling along the Nile, to visit the beautiful, 
sacred sites Egypt has to offer, we go back in time to remember
(re-member, as in becoming a member again) where it all began.

Included in the Price of your journey:

  • All transport/flights within Egypt, lodging, transfers & all necessary visas, including your pick up from the airport upon arrival and drop-off to our chosen 5 Star Hotel: Hyatt Regency Hotel

  • Daily Breakfast, lunches, and dinners (Vegan & Glutenfree options)

  • Nine nights cruising down the Nile on a private Dahabeya (luxury, residential sailboat)

  • Three nights in the luxurious, five-star Hyatt Regency Hotel

  • Private Access to the Sphinx

  • Private Two-hour Activation within the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid

  • Private Goddess Initiation during a Sunrise visit at the Isis Temple: Phila

  • Channeled messages, integration through Human Design, African/Kemetic Yoga inner child & shadow work group sessions, healings & other tools, sharing circles and journeys through the Sacred Land

  • Initiations led by Wisdom Keeper & guide Shahrzad at each sacred Pyramid & Temple, including: Dendara, Abydos, Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Sakkara, Isis Temple etc.

  • Visit to the Nubian village, local jewelry shops & other little surprises :)

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Not Included in the Price of your journey:

  • International Airfare to and from Egypt.

  • Any souvenirs, outside shopping, extra gratuities

  • We recommend that you fly into Cairo International Airport, arriving no later than 3 pm on October 10th, 2023, to join our opening ceremony. You will be met by a friendly, English-speaking representative from our tour company, "Treasures of Egypt Travel" who will greet you upon disembarking your aircraft with your VISA and walk you through the arrival process (passport stamping, etc). This representative will then transport you to our chosen, luxurious 5 Star Hotel.

  • If you choose to come a few days prior to the retreat, we will still provide your pick up from the Airport & drop off at your chosen Hotel or Airbnb

Meet the Team:

Meet Gianna - (Coach & Psychic) Facilitator:

Gianna Shamone - "The one who listens through dimensions" (Name given by Shahrzad) is a multi-faceted Alignment Coach & Psychic who grew up in an unconventional household in Hamburg Germany. 

Introduced to Astrology and other spiritual tools at an early age through her 2 mothers, she always had the urge to go deeper into that world. 

Her career in the creative field as a photographer, director, and later self-published author caved the way for her heightened intuition and psychic abilities to come back on the line. In 2021 she started to combine her yearlong interest and studies in astrology and several self-development tools with Human Design & Hypnotherapy and started to use these tools in her workshops, 1on1 sessions & her successful Mentorship to help people live a more fulfilled life by embodying their authenticity.


On this journey, she will use the wisdom of Human Design, Hypnotherapy & channeled messages to help you cope with the release of everything that will come up & the integration of all the new downloads.


Meet Shahrzad - Wisdom Keeper & Guide:

Shahrzad Awyan is the daughter of the late Abd'el Hakim Awyan (1926-2008) and has been chosen by her father to receive the teachings of the indigenous Wisdom Keepers to teach them to those who are ready to receive them. She grew up in the village of Nazlet el-Samman, located near the Giza Pyramids.


On this journey she will guide you through the different ancient temples & pyramids and initiates you according to the teachings of her father so you remember where you come from & help you to connect to your higher self.

Meet Rashida - Kemetic & African Yoga & Belly Dance:


Rashida's journey - or in her Kemetic Name Maat Nebu Amun 

"She Who Keeps The Hidden Truth And Justice Golden" -

began after her beloved mother's energy left the realm of this dimension, which is now almost 4 years ago. It started with Dance & Kundalini Yoga followed by Smai-Tawi also known as Kemetic Yoga which has its origins in ancient Egypt. She is certified in Smai-Tawi Tawi/Kemetic Yoga as well as in Afrikan Yoga since 2021. Smai-Tawi works with the combination of movement and breath - yet storytelling is a big part of it as well. Afrikan Yoga is a rhythmic movement based and works with the elements and the cosmic forces of nature.

On this journey, she will combine Smai-Tawi / Kemtic Yoga with elemental rhythmic movements of Hudu, breathwork, hekaus (mantras), meditation and dance to help the activation of your higher self and to share the soul healing and magic of these ancient practices.

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Meet Iria - Community Doula & Space Holder:

Doula means ‚the one who serves‘ and that is exactly what Iria feels called to do since she went on her journey to remember. That journey eventually led her to Bali to become a Yoga Instructor and later on a Reiki instructor. She has produced and facilitated Yoga Retreats and is hosting regular women circles to guide women back to their true purpose and help raise the vibration of the planet. She has a natural talent to create warm and welcoming learning spaces that are both transformational and fun. 
Iria considers herself as an eternal student and right now she's on her way to deepening her knowledge of the human body as a physiotherapist.

On this initiation she will hold space for you when necessary, guide you through your transformation and will help create the frequencies we need.

Your investment:

Double room in Dahabiya & Hotel:  5000€ per person

(You will be paired with another participant)
Single room in Dahabiya & Hotel (very limited): 7000€ per person
PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE- CLICK HERE (until the beginning of Sept.)
PAYPAL or WSE (possible to pay via credit card)

Please provide us with:
Room option, full name, and a few lines, about why you would like to join us.
We are excited to journey with you!


REFUND POLICY: We always recommend TRIP INSURANCE in case you have a cancellation or some kind of force majeur happens. This way, you can get the cost of your personal airfare and trip price refunded. Whether you use trip insurance or not, our personal refund policy is as follows: If for some reason you must cancel your trip, a cancellation fee of 1,000.00 €. is non-refundable. If you cancel 90 days or more prior to the start of the retreat, you receive: 50%  minus the cancellation fee. If you cancel 31-90 days prior to the start of the retreat, you receive: 25% minus the cancellation fee. If you cancel 0-30 days prior to the start of the retreat, no refunds will be given.

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